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Chat-Based Weekly Quizzes

The Pranab Mukherjee Foundation along with an Ed-Tech, Convegenius, has launched a WhatsApp Number for students of the SmarTgram Schools in Haryana. The aim is to provide Government students in an interactive way to learn through WhatsApp Chat-based weekly quizzes in different subjects. This is being done in addition to the daily classes taken by our LRPs with the SmarTgram students.

WhatsApp Chat-based weekly quiz will provide:

1) Interactive Chat-based Weekly Quizzes on three subjects: English, Hindi and Mathematics. One topic each from two subjects will be taken up each week, with Mathematics being common for every week.( Based on the topics taught by LRPs in the last week)  

2)  Answer Keys for all the weekly quizzes shall be provided in the WhatsApp group itself ( as requested by our LRPs) 

3) A Dashboard tracking the performance of students at School level has been created  for  the schools under PMF Smart Education Module. This dashboard shall be accessible to all our LRPs and PMF Staff for tracking progress at School, Block and District Level.

Process to be followed by Students: 

Step I: Student Registration 

The students need to undergo  one time registration on the aforementioned WhatsApp Number through their parents personal phone with  their District, Block, School and Class  ( as shown in the pictures)

Step II: Attempting Weekly Quiz 

Once registration is done, the students can undertake the particular week’s quiz for two subjects (8-10 questions for each subject). New Quizzes shall be there to try every week based on specific topics. 

Say topics for this week are:

English : Action Verb

Maths : Addition

Step III: Matching their Answers with the Answer Key

Answer Keys  for each subject will be provided in a pdf format for students to assess themselves. Thus making the process more Student- Led vis-a-vis the Regular Teacher led assessments

Step IV: Come back next week for new exciting Quizzes.

Note: Each weekly quiz can be attempted only once a week by a particular student.

Step I
Step I
Step II
Step II
Step II
Step II
Step III
Step IV
Dashboard for our LRPs
Dashboard for our LRPs

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