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e-Doctor Clinics across SmarTgrams

A robust network of e-Doctor Clinics ensures an easily accessible and affordable primary healthcare to the village community in our SmarTgrams. The clinics are strategically located at crucial points of public access across the villages. People of all age group and gender are hugely benefiting from this initiative of PMF which is established with technology partner Karma Healthcare

Through the e-Doctor Clinics we are able to bring tele-medicine to our people in SmarTgrams. A full spectrum technology suite which is transforming healthcare delivery.

  • Multi-featured – Audio-video consult, digital prescriptions, pharmacy, analytics
  • Strong QA System – CDSS & treatment protocols
  • IoT enabled
  • Multi-Platform Integration – the web application easy access without additional software/hardware
  • Scalable – Connects to AWS, WhatsApp & cloud telephony

Here is the location of our e-doctor Clinics across SmarTgram –

Karma Healthcare is currently operating 8 e-Doctor clinics in Dhaula, Kherla, Baslambi, Bhondsi, Nimot, Nayagaon, Baslambi & Patuka SmarTgrams in the state of Haryana. We have provided around 15,498 online medical consultations (from October 2017 till December 2018) under the SmarTgram project. On average, there are 6 patients per day in a clinic. One Clinics covers more than 1 villages also (in some cases).

We regularly hold Village Level Camps for creating awareness about e-Doctor Clinics and demonstrating its effectiveness amongst the villagers. Awareness about seeking formal care regarding hypertension, diabetes, malaria, etc. The elderly and women are accessing the clinics with ease as they get consultation from best of the doctors from urban hospitals in their village itself.

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