Dialogue and Deliberation

Samanvaya is a dedicated platform of the Pranab Mukherjee Foundation that is designed to exchange valuable findings and experiences of experts, practitioners and concerned citizens from every walk of life. It is are guided by the light of the values and wisdom of our past, driven by the goals and efforts of the present and hopeful for the innovations of our future. It would resonate with this layered resource of knowledge, prismatically transferring it from dialogue to journal.

The dialogue and deliberations sessions would be held over a chosen topic of public interest. The series of Samanvay is aimed at holding discussions and deliberations around the concept and functioning of Parliamentary democracy in contemporary India by policy makers, political scientists, practitioners, researchers, media professionals, civil society members and other stakeholders in the Indian political system.

It has three objectives:
First, to provide a historical understanding of the origin, evolution and growth of the concept of parliamentary democracy in the Indian Politics.

Secondly, to critically analyse debates around the norms, institutions 
and structures of parliamentary democracy in India.

Thirdly, a way forward towards suggesting policy reforms and future 
goals in terms of strengthening the norms, institutions and structures of parliamentary democracy in contemporary India.

The illustrious panel would set the tone for the discussion though talk on the topic. It would then be open to the audience for open, diverse and dedicated deliberation – Samanvaya.

In order to make the session advantageous to attend, the invited audience would be lesser than an average seminar. The 35-40 invited individuals will make an active audience and that would help in enriching the academic value of the session. More than just attending an event, each of the attendees would be creating one.

“Our link to the reality of the World is of three kinds - the Connection made by the intellect, the Connection arising out of need and the Connection found in joy”


Sessions so far